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Rainstorms Everything is magical and soothing about this album. Loved the lyric booklet. I keep the booklet on display on my dresser. Favorite track: Mist and Pine.
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we lived a heaven-sent summertime,
luminescent, we'd twist in the august light
and for an instant, i swore that i
caught a hint of something calmly divine.


released October 1, 2016

super giant endless thanks to mike wilkie and mat corbett.


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starlight & saltwater

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Track Name: Mist and Pine
mountainous peaks of light
a passing glimpse into a shadowed world just out of sight
i'll turn bedsheets to glacial fields
or some furious, heart of winter storming ocean scene
which quite fittingly, mirrors my thoughts
what did i hope to discover on some distant shore?
run to the west coast, perhaps you'll find
peace of mind disguised as mist and pine

mysterious patterns
of smoke are rising around me
the soft scent of candles
vanilla and camomile dwindling
it's real early morning
moonbeams tumbling in through the windows
and the gaps between curtains
twisting secret magic in the springtime breeze

you set me aglow
under a sky shaded indigo
your words are silver and dripping spilt ink
its kind of wild, i dont know what to think
this place is drenched in divinity
it's hidden just under everything
we tread a deep green galaxy
under a charcoal infinity

heart crests to cloudbursts and thunderstorms
make me untamed let me be transformed
i gave myself to the alchemy
of wanderlust and it's sacred whispered stories
Track Name: Far West
far west in early morning fog
you crumble into gold
and leave me just a wooden mask
a dying long stem rose
the grass was pale in the night
the air all pine and salt
a pastel picture framed in white
move patterns in the smoke

island child looks out to a foreign sky
mist and charcoal feeling the desert sigh
fever dreams and thunder in her tundra brown eyes
mountain boy cries out to an ocean wild
brave and scattered, corals and lullabies
watercolour patterns in pacific green eyes

raw sky above me gentle moon
hangs quiet in dawn blue
in freckled green the forest grows
pure earth and sacred stone
can i grow up under your sky
a perfect place to hide
exhaling warm dust into light
a wanderer's lullaby
Track Name: Silhouettes
come find me
in the sun pool, silhouette of a boy
wash our bodies in the silver light
i'll sing sad songs, you'll tread swirling waves
you know
how to float, i dont, i'll sink like a stone
shifting patterns in saltwater
silhouette of a boy, it was only ever you.

it was sunset in wisconsin, and sunrise in north dakota
i will trace your footsteps backwards, find some pine trees, then some winter
and i hope the east might bring you, something wild or quiet adventure
and in the pink and purple morning you'll catch some thought that keeps forever

thoughts turn to springtime
and the shifting of light
silhouette of a boy
sunbeams pouring through lace curtains
morning sun adorns grass crowns of dew drop stars
it's gentle
like the blossoming pastels and petals we tread
secret patterns, quiet rapture
silhouette of a boy, it was only ever you.

orange glow against black water, feel these city winds cut through me
and this beach is dark and empty, and my feet are soaked and freezing
oh the infinite potential of each moment to completely
shift the course of all your current thought
or change your life entirely

so you built that wooden house,
painted it blue, filled it with laughter
and with maps, stained glass and shifting light
your endless dance with colour
but if true love's on the open road and if
strength's too hard to capture
you won't stop, you won'r find quiet
until you're finally back together

in the distance drums and thunder, stormclouds dance on the horizon
leaves twist patterns in november air
and freight trains low will rattle by
the windows shake, the walls will sway and
your knees will your fault and buckle
but there's a path that you must follow
there is a path that you must follow.
Track Name: Black Sand
i cast his mask
out to the sea
under dew drop stars
on a black sand beach
spell bound by shifting light
i was lulled to sleep
woke to a cosmic dance
and to frozen feet
smoke and saltwater,
saturate the scene
volcanic dreamscape
i'll call sanctuary
it was a vision wreathed
in haze and steam
under a silver spun

i'm feel luminous, luminous

love like life, i read
is a train of moods
a string of beads
we'll travel through
as we pass through them
in fact they'll prove
to form a rainbow of glass
cut into a million hues
oh swirling patterns,
shade this space surreal
for years this ocean
has been calling me
ethereal sublimity
under dew drop stars
on a black sand beach

as sure and as certain as the silken song of the delicate dusk and the melodious dawn.
Track Name: Desert Sky Scarlet
let's just leave
we can go anywhere
we can disappear
hit the road
don't look back
oh i trust you dear
though i'm not sure yet why
let's run far from here
before dawn hits let's drive

endlessly roaming we'll glow
the evening light will sculpt us wild and restless
we tread salt crystals and snow
a life ignited, give yourself to adventure
endlessly roaming we'll know
the evening light will shade the desert sky scarlet
swirl satin, stardust and smoke
a life ignited, give yourself to adventure

fingers trace
hearts on frost covered glass
under lofty stars
freezing cold in your car
distant moon dappled silver
trembling quiet on your skin
i could stay like this forever
take what little i can give

tears will fill our eyes,
our sun kissed cheeks will sting
high through the sound of bird song
the rushing sound of water
the pine cathedral forest
crystal clear, the mountains
mirror some slow magic
i feel new, and spellbound
Track Name: Quiet Magic
los angeles,
will you be mine
pick me up from my knees
wash me in orange light
turn these memories
into dazzling bright
luminescent thoughts, take me to dizzying heights
your mornings are jasmine and hummingbirds
my evenings all night hikes, parched copper eaerth
like fairy lights, i'm stringing up my words
i'm crafting myself some imaginary world

in some sudden rush of springtime,
a cresting blaze of clarity
i was caught in cloudbursts, but now it's crystal clear
the gentle blossoming of possiblility.

island child,
meet the pacific
watch your chaos and secrets,
become quiet magic
misty mossy thoughts
of rainy shade forests,
my head is all haze and
low clouds brushing treetops,
the night skies a canopy
of shimmering lace
the breeze cuts right thorough you,
raptured shivering grace
relinquish the fragments of
whatever haunts you
to the pink-set horizon
cast them out, and be new
Track Name: Spun Gold
the perpetual arc-light of him
i've been exhaling his words into light and mist
in that moment you thought you saw bliss
crystal patterns contort on the carpet floor

it was an evening exquisite and low
twilight glow spilling forth from your lounge window
our hair turned to straw and spun gold
the air was all incense and campfire smoke

awoke to inky black and silver
watercolour paintstrokes swept across the heavens
the distant glimmer of a winter sun
the unknowable strength of the atlantic's lungs
i'm stepping countless miles of strata
last nights blizzard clings to twisting branches
the distant glimmer of a winter sun
the unknowable strength of the atlantic's lungs

the dawn rolled in like translucent silk
a spectral show whilst i'm sipping on peppermint
feeling restless, and everywhere bound
iridescence intriguing like nothing else

morning sun in that moment propelled
rising patterns of fog to some fractal realm
speckled green under slate grey clouds
in this place i am new, in this place i'm found

smoke and spun gold
Track Name: White Light
you are glass
i am cut crystalline child
we are spectrum on the carpet
we move patterns on floor tiles
the open road is calling
out my name lets leave tonight
find some sun drenched wondrous elsewhere
through the windscreen pours white light

quiet magic like sunlight through dust
never lucid, always shifting
like windchimes and wanderlust
beautiful gloom
i'll dance in the mist of this bad moon
and in the morning when i wake up
the world will be vivid sparkling blue

we just want adventure
we want mountains myths and sea
we want love, we want the forest
but most of all just something real
i hope this clear cut crystal evening
stars on strings and sulking moon
might take us somewhere different, somewhere distant
far away and new

liquid leaves
pour patterns prismatic and pierce
a kaleidoscopic lightshow
glitters distant in the breeze
you tread unknown ground
you're sculpting the structure of sound
we're the wild eyed youth, we're restless
and there's wonder to be found
Track Name: Daydreams

I heard you're living in a house
in the town i grew up in
I'll bet it's red brick, and terraced, with single pane glass
just a couple questions i've still got to ask:
do the floorboards creak with the weight of your secrets?
the windows shake with the strength of that storm you've been
keeping to yourself?

oh these are the last words you'll ever hear from me
do you still catch my voice on a springtime breeze
or have to shake off thoughts of me
from some late summer evenings humid
oh these are the last words you'll ever hear from me
do you still catch my voice on a springtime breeze
or have to shake off thoughts of me
from some late summer evenings humid reverie?

i'm leaving this to you now.

where's your sense of adventure?
i'm still ecstatic, enchanted by anything
you said you've lost all your wonder
anticipation could still be sharp on your skin
let's get drenched, let's get dazzled in delicate light
which in our summer might shift, but will never surrender
to the night
and in our mornings, the dew drops will sparkle like stars
and the air will be scented with salt and wildflowers
we'll rise higher in the sky
and i'd finally find home, and i'd finally find quiet

it was a heaven sent summer time
luminescent, those august nights
the exquisite twisting of memory
my head's still hazy with the thought of you and me
it was a heaven sent summer time
luminescent, we'd twist in the august light
and for an instant i swore that i
caught a glimpse of something calmly divine

still rugged and raw
and as fragile as it was before
this sun will not set
it goes without rest
Track Name: Girl and the Road
the wind swept in, and with it the winter
rolling over the mountains
the great expanses of desert
that rise up from the pacific
the boxed up house that i live in
sits on the cusp of the city
the endless buzz of the freeway
moves a river of metal in the valley below me

still inexplicably tied to you
still inextricably tied to you

the road ahead is all long shadows,
tangled light and glittering frost
sparkling on the tarmac
so keep driving, keep driving
i dreamed i cracked your silence
underneath some gold streaked sky
and stars rained all around us
so come find me, come find me

warm copper earth and carpets of heather
this crinkled coast's carved in silver
and shaded jade, oh saltwater
dive in to pure liquid colour
night sky was perfumed and heavy
my skin wild jasmine and shivering
low evening sunbeams poured lazy
intricate patterns on the forest floor

contort like glass,
i'll scatter maps with your compass
around my neck, still points to us
your words are whispered and cautious
pen sacred stories, as your
light collects like dust on the windows
and cuts through me at strange angles
was it faith or faith that finally brought you here?
told you years ago, one day i'd disappear

i think we might be the adventure that never comes to an end.

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